Platyplectrum ornatum

Holy Cross Frog (Notaden bennettii)

Now that I have some time off work, I intend to use it well. One of the intended uses was to get out frogging for a night out west. And so it was hard...

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Final Frog Foray 2015

Eastern Snapping-frog(Cyclorana novaehollandiae ). My first encounter with the species truly did live up to its name and nature!

Whilst my first adventure west was not to “find a heart that’s golden” (for those of you familiar with Michael W. Smith’s 1980...

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Go(ne) West Young Man

Great brown broodfrog

Last Saturday night Josh (a friend of mine) and myself headed up to Cooran to join Ashley Keune (fellow blogosphere buddy of Australian Frogs Photogra...

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New High Score: 29 Species!

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