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The Frogger

Jono Hooper (B.Sc/B.Sc(Hons))

Jono works on the Sunshine Coast as an Ecologist/Environmental Scientist and is particularly passionate about Australia's frog fauna. Jono has been involved in several construction projects on the Sunshine Coast where he provided advice on mitigating construction impacts relating to threatened frog species. He has also been 'on the ground' relocating frogs and tadpoles prior to works occurring in frog habitat.

Whilst working predominately on the Coast, Jono and his wife live in the small town of Kilcoy and enjoy getting outdoors. Jono has travelled throughout QLD exploring a variety of habitats and taking records of the frog species he's seen.

FroggingAround.com includes photos and information collected over the years and is provided here to educate newcomers and the general community on frogs, particularly on identifying frog species and cane toads.

Jono Hooper