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The Frogger

Jono Hooper (B.Sc/B.Sc(Hons))

Jono works in south-east Queensland as an Ecologist and is particularly passionate about Australia's frog fauna. His work includes lead roles in implementing and undertaking on-ground monitoring and surveys, frog identification and frog/tadpole capture and relocation. Jono also provides specialist advice and recommendations to clients regarding the management of threatened frog species on construction projects in SE QLD; this currently includes managing Acid Frogs at a large airport expansion on the Sunshine Coast.

Jono and his wife live in the country town of Kilcoy and enjoy getting outdoors. Jono has travelled throughout QLD exploring a variety of habitats surveying for frogs and taking records of the species he's identified. Jono also serves as President for the QLD Frog Society which involves initiating and implementing project ideas and activities, encouraging member involvement, attending community events and engaging with people and answering their questions.

FroggingAround.com includes photos, audio and information collected over the years and is provided here to educate newcomers and the general community on frogs, particularly on identifying frog species and cane toads. As an Ecologist, Jono can undertake targeted frog surveys and an array of other environmental services. For more information, visit the Ecological Services page.

Permission to use photographs is always granted provided appropriate author recognition. Please get in touch for high-resolution images.