Green-thighed Frogs (Litoria brevipalmata). Finally found these frogs with greener thighs. Such a pretty animal.

Forgive me for using this pun/play on words a second time, but last night’s frogging experience is worthy of this title. After 50-150mm of rain ...

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Another brevi good night

Green thighed frog (Litoria brevipalmata). Sometimes a beautiful lime green colour is visible between their thighs and hind legs, not seen here.

Simply put, Thursday was great. It rained almost 12 hours straight, dumping up to 250mm of rain on several parts of the Sunshine Coast and elsewhere &...

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A brevi good night!

And no, I’m not referring to human women either. Over the last week I was fortunate to go frog monitoring with Eva Ford at the four best froggin...

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Girls Night Out

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