Cute juvenile Tusked frog (Adelotus brevis

Last Thursday night I was fortunate to score a lift out with Eva (MRCCC) to the peaceful township of Conondale for her final frog workshop and survey ...

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Hanging in There

Yep, as of Friday gone I’ve now finished all my field work relating to my Honours wallum frog project. As already noted elsewhere, I’m ext...

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Finally Finished!

I’ve been very pleased with a new ‘partnership’ between myself/Frogging Around and the Online Editor of the Sunshine Valley Gazette,...

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News Splash + Update

After months on research on models and prices, I finally made one of the biggest non-uni related expenses in a long time – my own (serious) came...

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New Toy and No Excuses

Wednesday I had quite a dilemma on my hands…I’d been invited to go frog monitoring with three different people and all to good sites too! ...

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Number 24 off my Bucket List

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