Cooloola Sedgefrog (Litoria cooloolensis). Notice the black speckling on their back; characteristic to this species.

The greater Sunshine Coast region is home to three species of ‘acid frog'; the Wallum Sedgefrog (Litoria olongburensis), Wallum Froglet (Crinia ...

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Cool frogs at Cooloola

Sandy Gungan  (Uperoleia fusca)

Whilst I feel for our more northern Queenslanders, and would hate to experience the full fury of a cyclone, such weather events usually make for great...

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Making the Most of Marcia

Wallum sedgefrog (Litoria olongburensis) leg/thigh/groin region. Notice the blue, purple and orange colours present. Their vibrancy will vary but this is a sure way to tell.

I travelled out to Bribie Island Tuesday night gone, not to engage in any sus activity suggested by this post title, but to join several other frogger...

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Showing some leg

Ok, so whilst nobody has just been raised from the dead, you could say something has been. Whilst out in the field setting up transects for my Honours...

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Miracles still happen!

About four months after beginning my Honours project at the University of the Sunshine Coast, I’ve begun collecting data from my field work. My ...

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Feeling very honoured

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