Red-crowned Broodfrog (Pseudophryne australis)

During my recent work trip to Sydney, I caught up with fellow frogger, Aaron, who knows his local frog spots well. There were two species I was partic...

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Trip for the little frogs

Red and Yellow Mountain Frog (Philoria kundagungan)

Not all frogs call at night. This is part of the clue in finding the Red and Yellow Mountain Frog (Philoria kundagungan). After two previous attempts ...

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The Diurnal Discovery

Eastern Banjo Frog (Limnodynates dumerilii dumerilii)

Last Saturday afternoon I joined friends Ben and Clare and made the trip out to Main Range National Park for the evening. This was round 2, as Ben and...

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More frogs at Main Range

Cooloola Sedgefrog (Litoria cooloolensis). Notice the black speckling on their back; characteristic to this species.

The greater Sunshine Coast region is home to three species of ‘acid frog'; the Wallum Sedgefrog (Litoria olongburensis), Wallum Froglet (Crinia ...

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Cool frogs at Cooloola

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