Sandy Gungan  (Uperoleia fusca)

Whilst I feel for our more northern Queenslanders, and would hate to experience the full fury of a cyclone, such weather events usually make for great...

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Making the Most of Marcia

Green-thighed Frogs (Litoria brevipalmata). Finally found these frogs with greener thighs. Such a pretty animal.

Forgive me for using this pun/play on words a second time, but last night’s frogging experience is worthy of this title. After 50-150mm of rain ...

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Another brevi good night

Salmon-striped Frog (Limnodynastes salmini)

As opportunity was still open for plenty of frog activity out west, I was fortunate to have Connor join me out camping near Dalby for three days and c...

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More Darlings from the Downs

Eastern Snapping-frog(Cyclorana novaehollandiae ). My first encounter with the species truly did live up to its name and nature!

Whilst my first adventure west was not to “find a heart that’s golden” (for those of you familiar with Michael W. Smith’s 1980...

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Go(ne) West Young Man

Marsupial Frog (Assa darlingtoni)

If you’ve been following the Frogging Around Facebook feed lately you’ll have seen the call out for fellow keen froggers to join me in tra...

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Assa Adventures


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